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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 25, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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we have open threads. i know y'all love how much the government spends your money so freely. talk to us on gretawire. good night from washington. it is the number one show among people watching fox news. if this is your first time watching "red eye." you can participate by sending $50 to my paypal account. and once are you registered you will receive nothing in the mail. for now, let's welcome our guests. i am here with washington free beacon reporter and we have the disgusting ante levey. next to hem, the repulsive bill schulz. and then next to me, he is beautiful, sherrod small. >> hash tag red eye. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. hey, greg, is 3:00 a.m. the
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morning or the night? >> that's a good question for a disembodied voice. it was the faint that ain' s suggested the so-called president staged the pregnant lady almost fainting during monday's rose garden speech. a group called lady patriots, that sounds fun, took a close look and here is the tape our kenyan born lady hating interloper doesn't want you to see. >> this video shows that barack obama and the pregnant woman in the rose garden has a plan. there were several people involved. while we were watching and listening to what he was saying, we weren't paying attention to what he was doing. the woman standing beside the pregnant woman is holding her hand. if you notice her left hand has sliped behind her back. watch the woman to the right of her friend. she leaps over and whispers something in her ear which starts things moving.
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>> it is amazing. there is more evidence, more evidence. >> watch her friend. she has her arm around her and is holding her hand. she looks into the audience and she communicates with someone and even speaks to them. and then she communicates with her friend and that's when the action begins. watch her friend. she never even liens over in concern for the friend who she has her arm around and whose hand she is holding. she is very aware this woman is fixing to go down and very much part of it and she was the one who prompted it to happen. >> this is some serious grassy knoll [bleep]. why would the president want to fake the fainting? >> was it to take the attention off the failure of obamacare and the website? was it to make people feel sorry for the president or this sick woman who needs
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insurance? >> what about the chem trails? it is to keep our minds off the chem trails. another video is raising a lot of questions. >> oh. >> i think that was planned too. probably by our president. sherrod, being an african-american i can only assume you were in on this conspiracy. you knew it all along. are you going to keep denying it? >> what is the conspiracy? they set up the girl to fall? >> i am glad you admit. it. >> weren't y'all listen to the lady patriot? >> here is the real conspiracy, greg. i got her pregnant. i really knocked her down when you think about it.
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>> i apologize to that nice lady. he is the comedian and he didn't mean that. >> i meant every word. >> he is -- she is a very sweet, sweet lady who has been taken advantage of by the commander-in-chief. his silence, isn't that an admission to guilt? >> obviously. i have never seen anyone faint close up, but i feel she looked a little sick to me, so i will buy it. if you were to faint right now and i was holding your hand i would do the same thing, like, i would do a light smile because i am on camera and i don't want to mess up my shot. i am right behind the president. >> also what you are trying to say is that if bill fainted he would hit his head and probably die and you would be a hero for not stoping it. >> you could have been embarrassed.
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don't faint now. this is my time. >> that's exactly what a con spear cyst would want you to say and that makes no sense at all. the president is a manchurion candidate. >> you can see as she begins to faint her body goes back and to the left, back and to the left. it is back and to the left. what you are not seeing on this tape is there is a man in the audience right before she faints he opens an umbrella. talked to several people there that day and they confirmed this. none of them wanted their names used for obvious reasons. who is the man behind the woman, the man in the dark with the red tie? he grabs her. nobody knows. this mr. x vanished right after the speech. the thing is, i am not saying president obama was involved in this. i consider him more -- i think he was an an accomplice after the fact. >> we are not sure and we have been looking at this tape for a couple days if that is
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theathon particular -- the authentic reece gar -- authentic rose garden or created for this scheme. the president could have been drugged. he may not have any idea he was there at the time. that could have an automoton. bill there is a conspiracy you were made of felt and you never disproved this. as a conspiracy, walking conspiracy, what do you make of this? is this real or fake? >> it is not a walking conspiracy with me as much as it is a stumbling one. andrew, i want to congratulate you with your theory. secondly, we all know what president obama is from, the so-called president, but i do question where this narrator is from. if she was a real southern bell she would be saying the vapors. this whole thing is suspect. i say, suspect. this is how lady patriots describe themselves on the
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website, lady hyphen patriots .com. the whole thing was taken. lady patriots believe in america the way god designed her. ps, god is white. it may not be on the website right now -- it might not be there now because i just said that. they are taking off. >> they will be very upset if you got that woman pregnant. >> wait. there is inaugurationist about that if they are right or -- there is nothing racist about that if they are right or wrong. do you think president obama put a pregnant women with diabetes up there? he set the table for this. >> i was there for effect right now. oh yeah. >> i am a little afraid that colbert writers may see this segment and we will end up on the show. >> the lady patriots, there is one way to handle these lady patriots. >> what is it about conspiracies that are, i don't know, so inviting to people?
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they can almost turn anything into a viable conspiracy. they don't have to prove it wrong. all they have to do is raise a question. >> it is like who is the better story teller? i love conspiracies. they great. i encourage more of them. >> i don't like conspiracies that involve -- i hate truthers. i don't like them. if it is a silly conspiracy that they may be a lizard -- >> conspiracy you say. >> that was not a lizard. >> i had somebody tell me that in a duane reid. he was convinced he was a lizard. i was the third person in line and he sat there staring at me. i am not giving up my place in line. i waited here forever. >> that was me. ease off the percocet. >> i will do that to people in
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front of me in line when i want to get to the front quickly. >> that's not bad. >> that's a great idea. >> they are crying about spying. yes, the famous are trying to shame us. a bunch of actors and activists are in a video called "stopwatching us" released by the electronic frontier foundation. >> snoopings the interception and collection of call detail records and internet traffic. >> including audio, video, photographs, documents, chat logs and e-mails. >> every american is at risk forgetting caught up in the nsa dragnet. >> including average citizens not suspected of a crime. >> we need to end suspicionless surveillance. >> if you look like that we are not going to watch you. none of them look like they took a shower. angela merkle said they monitored her cell phone and they say spying on friends is
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never acceptable. according to a report, the nsa listened in on the phone convo of 35 world leaders after another official gave the agency his rolodex. meanwhile, how are the relations between lemurs and the baby goats? >> the guy was holding the camera like this, yeah, go ahead. get your milk. get your milk. >> i will leave that without comment t comment. has oliver stone convinced you of anything? >> no. i am fine with nsa surveillance, let me just say that. but it is insane these people think the nsa is snooping through their e-mails. like any of them are saying, i wonder what wesley crusher is doing to night?
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only an actor is so vein. >> i have written a lot of fan mail about what wesley crusher may be doing. let's not be so quick to judge. >> andy, she is right. why would anybody spy on oliver stone when oliver stone himself does not shut up. >> we are missing the p oi nt. jake gylenhaal looks fantastic. he deserves a shoutout or a shower. first of all i donate to the electronic frontier association. i want to get that out there. >> what do you donate? your hair? >> money. they do great work and they are absolutely nonpartisan. i wish they hadn't made this video. first of all you have maggie gylenhaal and john cusak and crazy oliver stone. i feel like if we had a republican president you on would have more a-list talent.
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>> there is a part where they say we have seen this story before and shots of richard nixon and a bunch of things about richard nixon. john couldjohn cusak says if it was wrong then, it is wrong now. but there is not a mention of president obama in the video. they can mention nixon, but not the president who is president now. >> it is the white man's problem, that's why. the white man did all of this. >> exactly. well, president obama is half white. >> here is the problem with the story, greg, they came out and said the nsa is harvesting e-mail conversations. first of all, don't use the word harvesting unless you are a farmer. it makes people uncomfortable. everybody is wondering where are the pumpkins? >> i think that is charming. i am not uncomfortable at all. >> who cares if they are going through e-mails. what do you have so secretive? they are reading yours like oh charlie is getting a haircut today. stop. >> by the way, nobody is
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reading anything. >> it is wrong though what we did to germany. >> we will get to that. >> maybe we can get her a back rub or something. >> the point is, nobody is reading e-mails. all they can see is the front of the envelope. when people say reading e-mails they are being dishonest. bill, you tweet your whereabouts and your thoughts almost every hour of the week while high. how can you be offended by the nsa? >> i am not offended by the nsa, but nobody is reading their e-mails according to the nsa. i always go back to that. i say 20 years ago we didn't even know they existed. we are supposed to trust them now? >> they read everything. >> before i see something somebody has done something to it. >> i believe -- i hope they read everything -- not read everything, but track everything. the first successful terror attack in los angeles these people will change their minds. >> no i'm not. >> are you a terrorist. >> he never liked l.a.
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>> all he likes is cats. don't countries in a way -- let's go back to the spying thing. number one, nsa, are you supposed to spy on foreign countries. that's not weird and don't countries in a way exist in an open marriage meaning they know you are spying on them and it is okay, and we are spying on you and that's okay? >> what is going on here is this is a case -- have i no problem with the nsa doing that to merkle or any other world leader. i feel like the other countries are dhoog to us too, but they are not as good at it as we are and they are pissed about it. >> and it makes sense for merkle to be angry. if there is one thing germans don't like is you going through their hard drives. you thought my stuff was bad. >> she is an ally, but you look at brazil and brazil got ticked off and canceled the dinner with michelle obama.
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now they are not using the u.s. centric internet. snowden in a way has created somewhat of a global back sh la. >> it is one of those things where i am with you. they are doing it and you probably don't like it. but it is an understood thing. watch the movie and you will see. every leader assumes we are spying on us and we are spying on them. i think it is like nobody speaks about it and it is okay to do it. this is to be expected. >> not only that, but shouldn't every celebrity sign a contract that they will never play james bond and they will never play born identity spy. all of the people that are really cool. >> none of those actors would get those roles. >> all of the republicans that are born again civil libertarians now hate it because there is a different
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president, they can never say they disagree with horrible celebrities again. >> i agree with you on that. >> i didn't say you were one of them, but there is a good yment that are. >> i am saying he is one of them. >> i have had enough of this story. coming up, so much crap you will need a crap bucket. but first, he is beautiful x don't you think this absolutely beautiful. look at his posture. look at his arms and those tattoo. he is so fiercely original. is russell brand with carrie anne? we will discuss when somebody tells me what it means.
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with stalin. yes, democracy be damned says russell brand on wednesday, a day of the week all over the world, the editor of tight pants magazine discussed his revolutionary politics. the politics are in a corporate interest -- wow that's a new thought -- and don't serve the people prompting the interviewer to wonder why brand does not vote since that is how you change the system. >> in a democracy that's how it works. >> i don't think it works very well given the planet is being destroyed and there is economic disparity to a huge degree. it is not that i am not voting out of april that you thee. apathy. i am not voting because of indifference and weary and deceit from the political class. >> i think he knowing -- i
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think he went on to know what is going on in the world. >> it is the massive redistribution and the heavy taxation of corporations and the massive responsibility for the energy companies and any companies that exemployed the environment, i think the concept of profit should be reduced. profit is not a dirty word, but profit is a word that means deaf deficit. >> for rebuttal let's go live to this cat. >> that's beautiful. he wants a country where you can't vote or that voting is not important. and a system that enforces equality from above. this system has been wildly successful in the ussr and
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china. >> successful and his point was made stronger the way he was pointing. that is what sold me on it. this almost reminds me of -- i just don't think it is serious. i think it is the time joaquin phoenix was a rapper, but he wasn't real. wasn't really. the host said if you want massive taxation you have to have some government authority overseeing it. it is idiotic and made in sense. made no sense. >> he is a smart guy. when he talks about profit being filthy this guy makes a lot of money. >> this was the funniest i ever ever -- the funniest thing i ever heard russell brand say. he was on fire. >> he was like a british robin williams. >> he was on fire. he bugs me. >> you though what though, he can be incredibly clever. he used to host a show called "big brothers, big mouth" and
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then he got into thinking. when he started thinking it all went to hell. now do you know what he is? >> british jesus. >> a british jesus. he is a -- what do you call a british grad student? >> a wanker? >> yeah, a wanker. he is the guy you are scared to sit next to at a bar because he has all of these intellectual ideas he has heard and he shoves them together. never mind there are bodies surrounding every idea he is talking about. bill, will you join brand's revolution? >> i will. you -- he is ridiculous and i think there is a term called a dry drunk. he is raw from the drinking and the coke, and the drink, and the coke, and the coke, and the coke, and the drinking. i kind of wanted to hang out. any guy after a couple years of sobriety they get into the eastern new fang gelled religion which he has done and
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they have weird conspiracy theories which he is now doing and they see things from a different level. it is not a different level. he is seeing the world sober for the first time. it is all coming at him in a weird way. >> that's true. andy, you were nodding along saying i agree with everything russell brand was saying. >> you can read more about it in my book "fashist liberalism." >> in skinny jeans. >> rust seal brand's network is worth $15 million. to put that in perspective that's $15 $1 bills saying i say profit is a dirty word on one side and hipocrite on the other. >> i will defend him on one thing. i don't vote either. when he says he doesn't vote out of apathy he is indiffer rent to the choices he is given. >> that is how i feel. neither one of them works for me so i won't vote for either one. i get what he is saying there and i will defend him to that
12:25 am
extent. >> you don't not vote. i watched "american idol" with you. you are constantly on the phone. man you get pissed. >> i have clear choices and it matters to me. >> it is corrupt. >> here is the good news. russell brand ain't american. what do we care? >> i have a warm spot and i think he is funny at times. remember he called out hugo boss who was the gq man of the year awards? i guess they helped design the uniforms for the german army way back when. >> hugo boss made actual nazi ties. >> they had little swastikas. >> very subdued. i doubt the people have the same -- at least they know where genocide and mass death comes from. it is these kinds of beliefs. >> and good luck finding a better crisp white shirt than
12:26 am
hugo boss. they have the nice, crisp white ones. >> you are on katie couric tomorrow? >> you are right. >> she is not married yet. >> she's single, right? >> no, she is dating hedge fund money. >> you mean a gardener? >> no he is actually just a pile of hedge fund money. >> does she like me? >> she loves you. >> yeah, right. >> funny and weird. >> does she think i am rachel madow? >> coming up, allen will stop by to help us rank every episode of "mash." it will take 20 hours. is it acceptable to break up via e-mail? no, but you can do it during a tease. get the hell out of my life.
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americans are increasingly at ease with dumping somebody digitally. they found people with recent dating experience who have broken up by text, e-mail or g chat and digging deep near the data more than a fifth of the
12:31 am
under 30 crowd stacey ya this way. is it really a jerk move? quote -- excuse me, in the context of strained relationships it is perfectly respect to refuse -- reasonable to be alone with a person who you suspect will be angry at you in the near future. good point. that's why i haven't see lou dabbs in months. >> lightning roooooooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> the lumber jack. >> boya. >> is breaking up via e-mail cowardly or a nice way to avoid an argument? >> it is the way to break up with somebody. if you go face-to-face it is like, what are you, 5 tiff? 55? that's the old-fashioned way of breaking up. just type it in there so i
12:32 am
don't have to slap your face. >> you are a hopeless romantic. allison, you have many suiters i'm sure. do you let them down in e-mail or do you prefer crushing your dreams in person? >> i have never been broken up with. >> it is the truth. >> no one has ever broken up with you? >> oh yes. somebody semidid it in a text and i think it is offensive. my point is i think you are old enough to have a conversation in person. >> that's old-fashioned thinking. >> how old was he? >> i would have to break out my age which i won't do i this show. >> he -- she is 18. >> by the time you get over to a girl's house and break up with her she said why didn't you text me? you ruined my day. >> i think it is a maturity thing. if you want to show up and say this isn't working, okay. >> you never do though.
12:33 am
the women -- when you do it in person -- i am perfect. >> next thing you know she is crying and you are hugging. >> and then you are back in bed. >> you are hitting it again. >> so why do you do the text thing again? >> the text thing is to make sure that -- well you do something before you text so then you make sure that is overcome pleatly. andy, don't you prefer getting dumped over e-mail, it saves the dumper the aggravation of having to watch you weep. >> the only reason i was crying that time was because i was reading the e-mail while watching "armageddon" and it was the scene where he walks up to liv tyler and saying requesting permission to shake the hand of the bravest man i have ever seen. >> i believe that. >> have i changed my mind about -- i have changed my mind about this. >> i thought it was rude and inappropriate to break up. but i think society has reached a point where it has not.
12:34 am
>> you know what you are saying? moral tradition are vulnerable to society's wims. >> you i don't mind saying that. >> i said it for you to save some time. you know what? i think i said it in a farber way than you would. >> what i am saying is i think our moral beliefs are subject to the wims of society. >> thank you very much. bill you recently broke up with kevin fed leer line -- feder lie ne and so how is the best way to break up? >> what up fed? and then an emoticon. thank you for promoting my band, the wims playing tonight. secondly, things have changed. what was thought to be cowardly five years ago is now how everyone does it. i'm sure in the 20s there was certain guys that were
12:35 am
saying stop breaking up by telegram. >> also classic names. hedley and i are back together. >> forth we shall go. >> that was shakespear time. >> they do this and the other thing is like, well, you know, do you want to come off as cowardly? that's what you are saying, but it doesn't matter. you are broken up. >> i think it is rude. >> even then, it only matters if she has cute friends. if you don't care -- >> or sisters. >> or brothers, absolutely. >> or uncles. or pets. >> true. >> open your minds. >> my exit question on this is what is in the header if it is an e-mail? i think it is so dot, dot, dot. joy or hey. >> i think it is hey.
12:36 am
>> it could be um. >> all lower case. >> awkward. >> i think hey. you are right with hey. >> mine is full of curses, you dirty -- with a -- >> i think they deserve a text. >> at least. >> next topic, this week the "washington post," an actual paper issued a delightful correction. it reads, an october 14th stale article about an success to the prison -- access to the prison camp incorrectly referred to the navy captain as thick set. he should have been described as muscular. call me. the original article ran without a photo, but here is 1 of them taken in april. he is gorgeous. that is not a thick set man, "washington post." you blew it. he is right. end of story. we are going to break. no. what do you think prompted the
12:37 am
correction? >> he probably called and was like, thick set? i am not and they changed it. >> >> that's what i am doing for your intro. i will send you corrections because it was not flattering. i think he saw it and said i am not thick set. i can't imagine a reporter was that worried over their word choice for thick set. but i don't think he is that muscular. >> i can bench him. >> i think he is more muscular than thick set. >> agreed. or was it hises this make him fault? maybe his wife called or something. i don't know. >> and they said he was thick set? >> they had to change it. >> when ever you throw around thick for a man it makes him uncomfortable. you are thickens. >> where do you say that at? >> down at the bar. thick is not something you put on -- i don't really see a problem with it.
12:38 am
>> all right. >> if they said he had a fat old ass. >> i would like to see that in the "washington post." >> he had a fat ass! then have you problems with that. >> that would revive the whole world of journalism. andy, the printed version called it a correction and the on-line version called it a clarification. since you give boring answers i thought you could answer this. >> i don't know or care, greg. >> you better. we have two minutes. >> i will point out he is not thick set. how did that get in there in the first place? >> she didn't like him. >> i would have used the word strapping. >> that's a great word. >> that's the word i would have gone with. but the question is did the reporter put that in or an editor put it in and the reporter said i never said thick set. the reporter might have said muscular and the editor might have said i will use thick set. it is a sin synonym. >> the writer may have put in
12:39 am
muscular and the editor said that sounds bias. you have to find something in between. he is broad. >> brawny. >> brawny is a word. >> he is a fire hydrant. >> bill, are you a fire hydrant on the weekends for elderly men. is there a difference between muscular and thick set? >> believe me there is a difference. muscular is a compliment and thick set, while meaning something different, also a compliment. call me captain thick set. >> thick set can be a compliment. sylvester stallone in his prime was thick set because he was brawny. but this guy is not brawny. he is just muscular. >> you have really thought this out. >> absolutely. it happened to me once. >> a newspaper once described me as chunky. "the observer" described me as
12:40 am
chunky and it caused me to lose weight. >> they called you chunky with ray swrens. >> i had a certain problem. it was a continue nens issue, but we will not talk about that because this is family television. >> since you stopped the gluten. >> the weird thing is you were scratching at it and then bringing it back to yourself. >> i am hunky now. i went from choppingy -- chunky to hunky. there is a men's health line for you. time to take a break. from chunky to hunky. that's like a "today show" coming up from chunky to hunky. they show a fat guy and then a chiseled guy.
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are they trying to bury
12:44 am
angela -- lansbury? they will be rebooting. it is like vomiting twice. they are rebooting the classic show murder she wrote. the featured treasure angela lansbury in front of a piano. you know sheerks is required to be in -- she is required to be in front of a piano at all times. she played jessica fletcher, a mystery writer who somehow found herself involved in solving a murder every week. wherever she was, somebody died. it was weird. the reboot will star octavia spencer seen here who won an oscar as her role as mini in "the help." spencer's jessica fletcher will be a administrator who self-publicizes. >> mini made great pies too. >> if you enjoyed mini's pie you can stop being a mini, i
12:45 am
can tell you that right now. >> is it because she is black? is that why you hate this? >> i love it. i love it. it sounds like it will be a good show. i liked the original "murder she wrote" because you had no choice but to watch it because you were in the thousands with the your mother and aunt. you touch the tv and you were dead. i guess we are solving crimes. >> it is the thing you couldn't change. what was the other show with andy griffith? "matlock" was the same way. you are 19 so you have no idea what we are talking about. >> i was going to say i don't remember any of this. it is like new tv. >> it is empowering to have somebody in her silver 8 years solve crime without violence. she won the villains over with charm and there is always a strapping man that she can do that. >> remember the episode she took down the crypts?
12:46 am
>> but when no guns. she talked to them. >> she talked with her fist. >> and there was an easy-e cameo. andy, i don't think i have ever seen you more outraged than you were today. you were stomping around the office and wrote an angry letter to the president of the united states. >> well, it was the president of nbc who i think secretly is the president of the united states. you brought up wherever she went somebody died. in 2002 bbc did a study and they found cabot cove which is where jessica fletcher lived had the highest murder rate in the world. the town had a population of 3500 people and there were 274 perked -- murders. >> that goes along with the rise in serial killing on tv. there is almost one serial killer working in the united states uh according to
12:47 am
television. >> and they are super creative. the blood is being drained into the pipes? it is thr is a copy of a picasso -- >> like what are the police doing in the united states? he builds an elaborate factory. >> the police are no match for these people. you need to find a guy who used to be a cop, but he was forced to quit because he was too wrapped up. >> he plays by his own rules. >> this is why i want to star in a show about a dumb serial killer which by happenstance he gets away with it. it is like murder he did. the cops were about to get me, but something happened and i got away with it. >> you know what that something is? it is remi spencer. here is what i am thinking, sherrod. the twist on the new "murder
12:48 am
she wrote" is that she is actually the killer. she is solving a crime that she can -- instead of solving the crime she has to figure out how to blame it on somebody else. that's a genius idea. >> the whole show is her getting rid of evidence. >> or framing somebody? >> it is always about framing somebody. >> and an innocent person gets the chair. >> murder she frames. >> these muffins taste a little perfony. >> angela lansbury is 90 years old. >> and they are spiting on her nonexistent grave by doing this. >> why are you so angry? >> i am not angry. i actually hated this show with a passion. >> you are detracting from that? >> i must write the other one. >> they are both mine. relax. >> you compete against yourself. >> they are two completely different voices.
12:49 am
>> you know what, anyway -- >> andy is the real murderer. >> why follow through with the dark and horrible thing i was going say about my life. do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. our last story coming up. it is a doozie, i swear.
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i will be on "the o'reilly factor" on friday at 8:00 p.m. and andy will be on "the real story" with gretchen carlson. and we have a new "red eye" airing on saturday at 11:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 pacific. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> does seeing your pic make you -- >> you are getting thick. >> let's start that over. does seeing your pic make you
12:54 am
sick? most of us hate pictures of ourselves and there is a scientific reason why. mirrors. as the website io9 explains, pictures of our faces look weird to us because we are used to seeing our reverse image when we look at ourselves. the reason is something called the mirror exposure effect where people develop a preference based on something like repeated exposure. in other words, we are messed up. this is interesting. have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and you didn't think you looked as good as you thought? i am here to tell you you are wrong. >> never. >> as somebody who knows how to youtube something i feel like it is once every -- they are not good videos by the way. >> there are those videos? >> there are articles. i do peel like it is every one or two years i find one i like. nobody changes them every one or two years because they don't like them jie. that's why you wear a mask on
12:55 am
twitter. this is my theory. do you think this is how unattractive people get through life. they see themselves in a mirror and they get used to it and they think they look better than they do and they may not do something harmful to themselves m they are saying what they see -- they get so accustomed to seeing it and they satisfy -- see it in a different way and it throws them off. >> exactly. you hit a tennis ball and you say boy i must look great and somebody is filming you and you look like a claude. >> why are you bringing claude into it. >> do you play tennis? >> yeah, i played tennis in high school. >> i would like to watch. >> i would like to watch? all right. there is a woabs for that. >> i just want to watch you play tennis. >> there i website for that too. >> andy, you love all pictures of yourself. your office is wallpapered with them. why are you a that are cystic -- narcyctiy freak?
12:56 am
>> never in my adult life has there been a picture of me. >> and yet for some reason totally adorable. it is weird. it is very, very weird. >> when you look in the mirror what do you see? a bowl of bugs? >> no, you don't see that. >> this makes perfect sense to me. when i look in the mirror this is what i see. >> cute, a little innocent and fancy free. now look what happens when i watch a picture of myself. now all of a sudden i have a forehead. and as you can see they are completely different. i do like my hair on the pictures. >> i guess the point is, do you look like a woman or do you look like a number of different women which is helpful on a saturday night when you are trying to make some extra money.
12:57 am
the show is over. it is almost there. bill schulz, tv's andy levy, it was a fast show i must say. i think it has to do with the host who keeps things rolling. a good natured guy that greg gutfeld. es.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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they're only hanging out with you because you're rich. good day. >> hello everyone. i'm andrea along with bob, dana, greg. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is the five. well pay big night here on the five as one of our very favorites dr. charles will join us in a bit. stoik around for that. first the if anything ere pointing over obama care's disastrous roll out reached capitol hill as four website contractors were grilled over the failures of the signature legislation. we'll get to the hearing in a minute. first, bob a week a ago you said the white ho


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